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Most Christian employers in the United States have few healthcare options for their employees outside of small-group, fully-insured ACA plans that offer little control over plan design and are prone to high renewal increases. Missio Benefits offers a more flexible and lower cost solution designed for long-term sustainability. Missio Benefits leverages the combined strength and size of the Body of Christ to significantly lower premiums, streamline administration, and provide control over plan content and design. Our technology-enhanced benefits solution is available to any Great Commission organization, including churches, nonprofits, and Christian schools and businesses, and was developed from the ground up to meet our unique, faith-based needs. 

As a partially self-funded, Association Health Plan, we provide everything Missio Nexus members want in a benefits program, and nothing they don’t. Missio Benefits is not a Christian Healthcare Sharing plan but rather a comprehensive domestic/global healthcare and benefits platform with nationally recognized partners. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, annual maximums, morality clauses, or other unwanted compromises. 

We’re framing the world around us by coming together as one body in Christ. Our healthcare solution offers the type of technology, resources, and benefit programs generally reserved for the world’s largest organizations.By choosing Missio Benefits, organizations also become a member of Missio Nexus and join a network of missional leaders dedicated to propelling the spread of the Gospel around the world.  To learn more please visit www.missiobenefits.com