You’re almost there - Missio NEXUS Onboarding final steps…

Important - now its time to Download, complete, and submit two mandatory on-boarding forms:

Missio Cigna Domestic Plan Summaries

Missio Benefits Aetna Global Benefit Summaries

Form #3 = Deposit Instructions (For download & FYI Only)

  • Domestic Plan Summaries

Domestic Plan Summaries

Step #5 - Pop Document

You did it!

Thank you so much for filling everything out - for an insurance program that wasn’t too bad was it! Please hit the submit button below to finalize your submission and send everything our way. If you need to change anything now is the time to do it, simply hit the “go back” button. If no changes are needed your all done with this step.

Thank you for all you do for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope MissioBenefits serves to reduce administrative burden, bless your staff and ultimately help you allocate more resources into bringing heaven to earth through what you do.

As one in Christ,

-TheMissioBenefits Team