One of the most harmful factors facing employers in the quest to offer sustainable healthcare programs is a lack of access to integrated worksite information. While nearly all employers engage with vendors that deliver aggregate reporting, this data is generally two-dimensional as it fails to extract simple behavioral relationships (the why behind the what in benefit consumption) related to the analysis of indicators like absence, health & prescription drug consumption (among others). We believe that we best serve our clients by offering a fundamental re-conceptualization of employee benefits - one that does not treat one program in isolation of other programs – and further, that this view is necessary to provide insurance that promotes human capital while reducing workplace risk. This philosophy impacts everything from policy & plan redesign, to holistic wellness, stop-loss attachment points, to clinical intervention and consumerism and allows a special emphasis to be placed on long-term strategic planning. 

ERS typically begins our work with a detailed audit of existing health & welfare program(s) to uncover areas where there is an excessive allocation of resources to non-concentric initiatives (inefficiencies) that fail to result in the meaningful recovery of employees and their families. These inefficiencies negatively impact organizations in many ways, including (but not limited to): 

  • Little or no reduction or management of healthcare consumption

  • Lack of active engagement and/or consumerism of healthcare

  • Absence of any credible vehicle to measure program success/ROI

  • Programs absent of integrated healthcare/Rx/loss time data

  • Initiatives weighted towards the type of disease a person has vs. the type of person that has a disease

  • Reactive (actuarial/look-back) analysis, instead of preventative/proactive engagement

With a meaningful understanding of our client’s organization, we are able to work to develop alternative stewardship pathways that maximize the ability to offer competitive, sustainable healthcare programs. We call this shift in understanding the “new paradigm”. In other words, we help restore the “benefit” of the benefit programs our clients offer.

Consulting Services


  • Full-spectrum healthcare & actuarial services suite

  • Navigational reallocation of recovered financial resources

  • Strategic alternative pathways consulting

  • “BPS” impact analysis (Biological/Psychological/Social)

  • Account management and customer care


  • Full-spectrum efficiency alignment through strategic vertical aggregation

  • Rate stability

  • Enhanced contracts, underwriting & benefits

  • Service guarantees

  • National account management resources

  • Foundationally centered on quality, stewardship, integrity and unity


  • Predictively identify and manage high-risk populations through worksite information analytics

  • Simple behavioral relationship extraction via econometric underwriting

  • Ongoing clinical intervention and recovery of high-risk population


  • Extensive benchmarking data warehouse

  • Comparative analytics & consulting

  • Private vertical analysis & data consolidation

  • Cross-specialty data integration


  • Aggregated cloud and rules-based technology solutions

  • CRM – sales/services/marketing

  • HCM – human capital/recruiting/talent

  • ERP – financials/procurement/projects/supply chain

  • Concentric efficiency consulting

  • Needs-based platform alignment


  • Full spectrum absence consulting

  • Concentric alignment of incentives and plan structure

  • Integrated disability management (IDM) sourcing analysis

  • Predictive absence analytics